Monday, April 12, 2010

One Week Down

We've made it a week. It's been miserable. Just when I feel like I can make it through one minute, the very next I can't breathe. I suppose that's normal.

So far today I've been okay. My sister took me on my first official "outing" to Wal-Mart to pick up a couple things I needed and to the bank. It felt good to get out for awhile. I feel like there are things I need to be doing for Saturday, but I can't bring myself to go there yet.

I lost another 8 pounds since yesterday. I was actually able to put on my jeans this morning. Granted they are my "fat" jeans, but they are jeans and not maternity clothes. Thank God. For those keeping count, that's 33 pounds gone since Friday, and of course, that doesn't include the weight I lost the first two days I was on lasiks.

My first two hospital bills have arrived. Wow. I'm very thankful for the health insurance I took out on the last day of open enrollment, otherwise we'd be hurting. It's not pretty. BUT, at least I'm on the mend and finally home. I'm ready for this week to be over and to try to attempt moving on and finding some peace in all of this.


*Laura Angel said...

Hugs sweetie...each day that passes you will get getting better (physically) ;) Emotionally will come!

Michelle said...

All you need to do right now is survive! I am so glad that health wise you are improving. Everything else will come with time.


Maddie said...

That first paragraph, that's normal. It still happens to me now (less often but still there).

So glad your physical recovery seems to be happening.


Saffy said...


Charity said...

Praying! Hang in there...

cmatsukes said...

Glad you are feeling better 33 lbs wow no wonder you were not able to get around. I am glad you are feeling better only time will help with the loss. It will get better really.

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